Because of your babies’ vulnerability, you should take proper care of them to ensure their good health. This also includes taking appropriate care of their soft and sensitive skin. This is why, when it comes to your family’s laundry, your baby’s clothes deserve the highest priority from washing to ironing. To keep your children clean, hygienic and comfortable at all times, here are a few guidelines to ensure their neat appearance and protection from bacteria.

Grownups are in constant interaction with the outer world full of microbial organisms that can affect your child and cause severe infections. Thus, always wash your baby’s clothes apart from the rest of your laundry which will prevent transferring bacteria from other clothes onto them. 

Always wash new clothes before your baby wears them. Chemical substances used for good and crisp appearance of new clothes can cause your baby’s skin irritation and different allergies.

To kill all germs and easier remove the dirt from worn baby clothes, soak them in warm water before washing.

Protect your baby’s sensitive skin by using gentle soaps or non- biological washing powders. Also, make sure that the soap or powder is completely washed off to avoid skin irritation. When using tumble drying, for clothes with specific decorations, go for gentle heat options to prevent damaging.

And, last but not least, do not skip ironing your baby’s clothes. Although many disagree, research shows that ironing at a higher heat can kill or weaken bacteria. Gentle soaps and washing powders are not completely efficient in removing all germs from dirty clothes. This is why ironing should be the last step when washing, if you want to get rid completely of micro organisms which can threaten your baby’s skin. Also, nowadays’ detergents smell in a way that can be too strong for your baby. Ironing can help you to get rid of these scents, adding a fresher smell to the clothes. Moreover, it helps strengthening the cloth fibres, making also the cloths stronger and longer lasting. This way, you can reduce needs for buying new clothes for your baby that often. Additionally, ironed clothes looks neat and smart, don’t you think that your little one deserves such an appearance? 

Ironing seems tiring and annoying, especially when you are so busy with your baby and have to do so much work. There are many cleaners, who offer ironing services at reasonable prices, so why don’t you hire one? It will give you some additional time to complete different things while your baby’s clothes are still properly taken care of.