During the last few weeks of your pregnancy, you feel that you should slow down, carelessly waiting for the most important event of your life. However, these weeks are always the busiest ones as you need to do as much as possible to prepare everything for your baby’s arrival as when the baby comes finding a moment to even have a shower can be real challenge. 

You need to start reorganising your shelves to clear some space for your new born baby. But, that is not even a small part of everything that you need to do. You should ensure that you have enough nappies, clothes and creams. Baby soaps, cotton pads, a nasal aspirator, thermometer, alcohol, nail clippers, free bottles, etc, are all newborn essentials. Make sure that you prewash baby’s clothes, so everything is ready when you really need it. 

When it comes to your place, reorganising your shelves is not the only thing you should think about. No matter the season, be prepared to spring into clean mode. Wash and vacuum the floors, move the furniture and get rid of dust, clean the blinds and window sills and make sure that your bathroom is perfectly clean. Paint the walls if necessary.

Check your fridge. Get rid of all outdated items and buy the fresh ones that you want to have ready when you arrive home with your baby. Stock up essential things such as water, milk, yogurts, fruits and vegetables. You can even make some extra servings of food that you like and freeze it, so, once you are with your baby, you do not have to waste your time on food preparation. 

To get ready for breastfeeding, buy some nursing pads, bras and easy to open shirts as well as oversized underwear which will make you feel more comfortable in the first weeks after the birth. Also, buy all the things that your baby and you will need in hospital, pack it in a bag and leave it ready for the happiest day. 

So, preparation and cleanliness are your top priorities before the baby arrives. But, what if your pregnancy makes you so tired and without enough energy that the last thing you want to do is cleaning, organising, doing the laundry, etc? You can get some help from your partner or your family; however, if you do not want to ask and you can afford it, hire a professional cleaner to do a deep clean. This will definitely take a burden off your shoulders, enabling you to enjoy more the happiest moments of your life.