Most people relate spring with cleaning, but to be honest, throughout the year there are many holidays and events that require detailed house cleaning.

Whenever it’s someone's birthday from your family, you will have guests, and you will have to clean the entire house. Christmas and New Year celebration is also a reason why you should clean up your house. If you are a housewife, you know how hard that can be, and sometimes you think it will be easier to hire a housekeeper for help with housekeeping. 

If you are cleaning your whole house, you will need to make a plan so you could clean faster and so you do not have to clean surfaces twice. The first thing you will do is prepare everything you need for cleaning, so you will not have to take a pause in the middle of cleaning, so you can buy necessary housekeeping products. After you have gathered everything you need, you can start cleaning. 

When cleaning the entire house, you should start from the top and finish at the bottom, especially if you clean shelves. You should start with rooms that are not used a lot, like bedrooms, and finish with the bathroom. 

There are always some places in the house that are hard to clean like a ceiling fan, mattress, tub and shower, dishwasher, kitchen cabinet, microwave, etc. 

During the time a lot of dust collects on the ceiling fan and when turned on, that dust spreads thought out the whole room, and that is why it requires frequent cleaning. Most people avoid cleaning the ceiling fan because it can be dangerous. For the successful cleaning of the ceiling fan, you will need a pillowcase, a ladder, and a dusting spray. You should spray inside the pillowcase with dusting spray, then climb the ladder and put on a pillowcase on the blades of a ceiling fan and pull toward you. 

One of the dirtiest places in the house is a dishwasher and we ever hardly remember to clean it up. The first thing you should do when cleaning the dishwasher is to remove bottom rank and check the drain area. In the drain area, food leftovers can gather over time and cause problems with the pump. Besides food pieces at drain area repairmen found bones, crab shells, and even chips of glass. To clean dishwasher, you should place a cup filled with vinegar on the top shelf and turn on the dishwasher on the program with the hottest water. Vinegar will sanitize and clean up grease stains.

Mattress from our bedrooms needs to be cleaned often because mites collect overtimes and they can cause a lot of health problems. To clean mattress, you will need baking soda and a vacuum cleaner with furniture attachment. If you like you can even add essential oil. You will also need an empty dust spray container, so you can fill it with baking soda and essential oil of your choosing. Shake the container so that baking soda and essential oil mix and then spray it on the surface of the mattress and leave it to sit for two hours. After that, the only thing left to do is a vacuum the mattress. You should vacuum every part of mattress several times for better effect.