Hello Canberra Families!

My name is Casey, and I have started Magic for Mums servicing families in Canberra to help families and residents throughout Canberra and surrounding regions.

About Us

Helping those around me has been close to my heart especially since having my own daughter! I've wanted to start a humble and heartwarming business after I had amazing help throughout my pregnancy and early days of motherhood. I have learnt the benefits of having someone available to help me and how much it really does mean to people.

Whether you are a parent, a daughter or sister – son or brother, a pet owner or a business orientated person – we cannot deny the fact that extra help at home is such a relief. I know that owning two businesses I need as much support as I can get to do the things I just don’t have time to.

My husband Brendon and I live Southside of Canberra with our daughter Nola, two cats Tinkerbell and Cinderella, and two malamutes Simba and Kiara!

I also own Canberra’s Leading Bookkeepers (www.canberrasleadingbookkeepers.com.au)